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Well its almost time for all of those "Resolutions"... Over the years I have seen these become more and more like statistics..."Lies, more lies and damned lies!" LOL I guess for me the important thing is that I can make choices! What we choose does impact our life. I liken this to a very simple behavior modification technique I implement from time to time... Make the "LOW RISK CHOICE!". I have come to realize that if I do so then I will probably be healthier, live longer and be happier!!! The difficult thing is often determining or defining the difference between a low risk choice and high risk choice. Okay again I need to keep things simple.. I am afflicted with diabetes. A high risk choice for me would be going to the doughnut shop and bumping off a dozen or so of those creme filled long johns and an apple fritter for good measure (which I truly crave from time to time). It is a high risk choice for me because it will jack up my blood glucose, slowly deteriorate my vision, kill my kidneys and make me a grumpy and grouchy spirit! It really does not take long for our choices to become habbits. Soon enough they would be amputating my foot and i would be in renal failure. A low risk choice (in terms of my diabetes) is to eat fewer carbs and empty calories. Exercise more so than walking to the checkout line.. So it is important for us to understand that what is low risk and high risk is different from person to person. The age old Nature vs Nurture issue seems to be perpetual and I choose not to get lost in semantics here but rather simplify things for me to understand. So with the Holiday Season upon us I urge everyone to consistently make the "Low Risk Choice". It all starts with the conscious effort we make with each and every choice...

A Wise Man

Just wanted to forward something a "Wise Man" recently shared with me..."In our culture people are used to having constant activity: computers, cell phones, television, email, video games. There is nothing wrong with any of that. But the Bible tells us that we need to stop and be still so we can focus on knowing God. I've found this to be true especially during the difficult times. When you are facing a challenge, it is easy to want to run to a friend or talk about it with a co-worker.
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