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Community Outreach

New Years Eve

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that helped to make the New Years Eve Lock In a success!! From fundraisers to sponsors, chapperones and students that helped!! We had 75 registered participants in from 10pm to 6am. One of the fund raisers we had was a raffle for a Satin Star Quilt, pendelton Blanket, Dried Corn and $50.00 Cash. Congratulations to the following winners and Thanks for your support!
1st -Satin Start Quilt- Bridget Brady
2nd-Bryan Annet
3rd- Mitch Bintliff
4th- Mitch Bintliff

Santas List

FYI SANTAS NICE/NAUGHTY LIST UPDATE:As you may be well aware "He is making a list and checking it twice"! This year the list has raised in excess of $200.00 for the Angel Tree Project. We thought it would be good to share the list for all of you who can not drive by and see it in person.
 Here are the names thus far on the NICE LIST: Neal Hale, Dewey Bear, Beauty Smith, Adam Gene Smith, Westly Snow and Weston Smith.
Here are the names thus far on the NAUGHTY LIST: Sandy Folden, Patricia Big Crow, Shawn Tucker, Josy Dancing Bull and Carol "BAM-BAM" Howling Wolf!

Angel Tree Fundraiser

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Angel Tree Fund Raiser scheduled for 10 am the MHA Admin. Building. Please come out and support our children. Also, we are struggling a bit with gifts for infanyts 12 months and younger. We are hoping to purchase each one 7 boys and 10 girls a blanket. Looking for a vendor to purchase 17 pendleton blankets from. If you know of one that has them in stock and ready to go please call us at the office.


Okay folks its time to get Christmas Cookie Busy!! And New Years Eve Lock-In ready!! We will be having a few fund raisers they are as follows;
Christmas Cookie/ Bake Sale
Naughty or Nice List
So if you are wanting to make a difference in the lives of our youth and also have a sweet tooth order some cookies!! Here is how Santas Nice and Naughty List Works. For $5.00 we will write the name of your choice on the nice list.

A Wise Man

Just wanted to forward something a "Wise Man" recently shared with me..."In our culture people are used to having constant activity: computers, cell phones, television, email, video games. There is nothing wrong with any of that. But the Bible tells us that we need to stop and be still so we can focus on knowing God. I've found this to be true especially during the difficult times. When you are facing a challenge, it is easy to want to run to a friend or talk about it with a co-worker.


Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to our families in mourning. We have a great sense of loss and are doing our best to continue feeling, dealing and healing here at the PRC. When things like this happen it reminds us of what truly is important in life....


Just a reminder to everyone. The Parshall Community Fall Craft/ Bake sale is this weekend the 17th of November. The event is scheduled to be from 10am -3pm at the Parshall City Hall and Parshall Legion. Just want to encourage your attendance and would really appreciate your support for our non-profit residential recovery program. This year we have numerous items from our community garden for sale. From canned veggies and dried corn. We also have various arts / crafts made by our PRC Staff and residential clients for sale.
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