Parshall Resource Center - "Empowering people through recovery and beyond"
If you or someone you know would like to donate or contribute there are several ways in which you can help to make a difference!!!
Sponsorship- We have several Therapeutic Community Service Projects we need help with:
  • Community Garden- We are looking for heirloom seeds, traditonal seeds and also need to work out some fencing and  irrigation issues.
  • Emergency- We are always looking for fresh produce, dry goods or canned goods. We have been trying to incorporate more fresh, frozen, dried and canned items. The more versatile our items are the greater choice we can provide families and individuals in duress. Thus we are looking for food dehydraters, canning jars, frezzer bags and so forth.
  • Outreach- Usually what we do here is collaborate with other networking service providers for live music and a potluck dinner. Along the way we do solicit for odd and end door prizes as well.
  • Safe House- Simply put we are in a housing crisis! In short we have securred a FEMA trailer to use as a 72 hour intervention and referral Safe House. We are still looking for a safe place to put this in order to coordinate emergency safe haven services. 
  • Annual Haunted House- Aside from the Haunted House in and of itself we have several things going on in the same place at the same time. They entail several various contests that span 3-4 days around Halloween. Costume Contest, Dance Contest, Pumpkin Carving Contest, Scavenger Hunt, Canival Festivities. Aside from the fundraising aspect we try to provide families and individuals with viable alternatives to drugs and alcohol.
  • Thanksgiving Care Packagees- We are looking at putting together baskets that have basic Thanksgiving Meal Ingredients.
  • Angel Tree- This endeavor has us doing everything from Baking Christmas Cookies, soliciting for toys, shoes, and winter coats/ gloves & Hats.
  • New Years Eve Lock -In- This activity is usually from 7pm-6am. It provides our youth with various activities in a safe sober environment. We try to have alot of door prizes, snacks, Guest Speakers, karoke, music and games. It entails not just the activities but a message a well.
  • Equine Therapy- We need help with hay, feed, vaccinations for the horses. Saddles, harnesses and heaters are always welcomed donations.
Arts & Crafts- Paints, leather, threads, beads, poster boards, drawing paper, artist pencil, markers, and cloth materials are very much appreciated !!
Recovery Library- We are looking for any recovery oriented books,  video, audio and educational materials. This is intended to serve as a resource to our residential clientele and professional development/ orientation of residential staff.  
Food/ Clothing- Our emergency food pantry is in need of a better selection of items. Aside from food and clothing items we also need some help with the sorting, organizing and distribution of the emergency goods.
Supplies- Raw materials such as lumber, carpet, tile, paint, floor care, furniture, tools are all being sought for various facility projects. We are currently working on a Serenity Garden and need pavers, plants, top soil and other materials to construct our Earthlodge Pergola.
Equipment - If you have any tools, exercise/ recreational or office equipment that you are looking to donate, we will surely put them to good use!
Monetary/ Cash Donations- These can be made restricted to a specific project or item as outlined above or unresticted to meet client/ program issues or needs currently being experienced
Technical Assistance- Throughout the years we have have always been "people -people". There are times when we need technical skills concerning the Business side of what we do as well. From grant writting, fund raising, computers, quality assurance, professional development and strategic organizational planning. If you have any of these skills and experiences we need you!
Volunteer- IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW IS WANTING TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER THAN ANYONE OF US ALONE PLEASE CALL US!! We are always in need of Community Guest Speakers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and manpower! Contact our On-Duty PRC Staff and schedule a time and date that will be functional for you. You can drop in and visit us in person at 104 South Main Street, here in Parshall.
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