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Admission Information
PRC networks with numerous local, state, federal, and tribal entities.  Initial contacts can be made in person or through  an approved referral source.  Individuals who meet eligibility requirements for in-patient services will be referred to the PRC  based on bed availability. 
Admission to the program is facillitated by PRC staff Monday through Friday 9am-3pm. CST. 
If an individual requires a more comprehensive level of care, the PRC will assist in referrals to a appropriate service.
Basic Admission Criteria
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a primary diagnosis of chemical dependancy and meet ASAM placement criteria.
  • Must have reccomendations for 111.1 Low Intensity (Adult) Placement from a liscensed addiction counselor (LAC)
  • Have a personal motivation for recovery
  • Be willing to follow/comply with program requirements and expectations.
Basic Program Policies
  • Client must maintain sobriety and remain drug ad alcohol free while participating in the program
  • Client is required to participate in a  weekly 40 hour  group acivities schedule
  • Practice confidentiality and follow HIPPA Guidelines
  • Demonstrate respect and consideration of self and others
  • For more information regarding Admissions please call us at (701)862-3682
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